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Fontanella “Rebob” Red Blend, Napa CA  $29.99

Fontanella “Rebob” Red Blend, Napa CA $29.99

If you keep driving past Fontanella Family Winery into the dark forests of Mount Veeder, Partrick Road comes to a dead end at an old cemetery. Venture there alone late at night and you may come face-to-face with the Rebobs: flying, carnivorous monkeys that have been feasting on wayward travelers for decades!
For generations, Rebobs have lived in relative obscurity in the forests above the Napa Valley. Now, we're shining a light on them with this playful, delicious, drinkable red wine!
Layered and spicy, nuanced and drinkable, our 2017 Rebob Red fills your palate with cherries flambé, ripe plums, and juicy blueberries. Barrel spices of cocoa, vanilla, and molasses balance the fruit out. A perfect no-frills table wine for any day of the week!

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